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Infant & Child Care

Colic: Colic describes repeated excessive crying that is unexplainable in a healthy, well fed baby, usually occurring in the late afternoon/evening. The condition is characterised by distressed and high-pitched crying and causes the baby to bring his/her knees to their chest.

Cradle Cap: Cradle Cap presents itself as thick yellow scales and crusting of the skin on the scalp. It usually occurs in the first 3 months of a baby’s life and generally disappears within a year.

Nappy Rash: Nappy Rash is common during infancy and is a form of dermatitis. It is identifiable by painful, red, spotty and itchy skin within the nappy area. The causes of nappy rash can be; skin infections, fungal infections, an allergic reaction to soap, detergent or chemicals and breakdown by bacteria of urine, within a wet nappy, from excessive ammonia.

Teething: The age at which a child gets their first tooth is different every child, but generally teething starts at 6 months and continues until the age of 2. Tooth eruption is associated with drooling and pain but usually no bleeding occurs. The other symptoms include red cheeks, fever, swollen/tender gums and sore patches around the mouth.

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