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Eye Care

Most minor eye conditions can be treated by over-the-counter products which include irritation that’s caused by dust or tiredness, styes, blepharitis, dry eyes, allergy and conjunctivitis. Irritated or allergic eyes commonly appear red and may cause an itchy or gritty feeling. Dry eyes is more common in elderly people, those who work in air-conditioned environments and people that suffer with connective tissue diseases; such as arthritis.

Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is highly contagious mainly in children. One or both eyes may be affected, the symptoms of this can be redness, difficulty opening eyes in the morning due to crusting, itching and discharge. Viral conjunctivitis should always be checked by a doctor as it can be a herpes infection, which could lead to you losing your sight if left untreated.

Blepharitis is an inflammation which occurs on the eyelid, which appears reddened as well as thickened along the edge. A stye is a type of infection of a single eyelash follicle.

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